Tree Removal Services in Columbus, OH


Whether your property has a tree that is declining, outgrown its home or you simply would like the tree to be removed, Joseph Tree has the expertise and resources to handle any tree you may have. There are a variety of ways to remove a tree, but the Urban Forest Specialists at Joseph Tree will assess your tree and all appropriate variables to determine the best course of action. These removal processes include but are not limited to: Felling, Traditional Removal, and Crane Removal.


Sometimes trees can be felled from the ground using modern, safe felling methods. All of our Urban Forest Specialists are trained in modern felling techniques as well as adhering to the most recent ANSI Z133 standards for safe arboricultural safe practices. Special care is taken to ensure your property is not damaged during removal operations.

Traditional Removal

The arborists at Joseph Tree can also safely dismantle a tree, if there is not space to safely fell it. After close considerations, our field staff will determine a plan to properly remove your tree. All field crews have a minimum of one ISA Certified Arborist per crew, to ensure ANSI best practices are followed. Our crews can climb and safely bring tree sections down with rigging components. If the tree is not safe to climb, Joseph Tree can implement a 72’ Platform Lift that can be used as an elevated platform to assist in the removal process.

Crane Removal

Joseph Tree has the capability of using their crane to safely remove a tree. Certain situations make it the safest and most effective way of removing a tree. Joseph Trees Crane crew is highly trained in the most up to date methods of crane operations. Joseph Tree also abides by all OSHA and ANSI safe practices for crane use and yearly inspection requirements.

Stump Grinding

The purpose of stump grinding is preventing regrowth, so proper technique is vital. If not properly done, surface roots can be missed, and proper root separation may not be achieved. With stump grinding, it is important to hire an expert who will ensure it’s done properly. To ensure we have not missed any of the stump’s removal, Joseph Tree’s crew will clean up all our grindings, leaving a slightly mounded ring where the tree stump once was. This will settle over time and allow grass regrowth.

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