Preventative Tree and Plant Care for Columbus, Ohio Residents

Tree Care Plans

Whether your property has a tree that is declining, outgrown its home or you simply would like the tree to be removed, Joseph Tree has the expertise and resources to handle any tree you may have. There are a variety of ways to remove a tree, but the Urban Forest Specialists at Joseph Tree will assess your tree and all appropriate variables to determine the best course of action. These removal processes include but are not limited to: Felling, Traditional Removal, and Crane Removal.

Crane Removal

Crane removal is the safest and fastest way to remove a tree when operated by a trained professional. Joseph Tree's crane crew is highly experienced and trained to make safety a priority. Our crane is certified and inspected by a licensed dealer on an annual basis.

Traditional Removal

When the location of a tree prevents the use of a crane we use traditional removal. Our crew will use ropes and rigging equipment to remove the tree.


Want to do the clean up yourself? We are able to safely get a tree on the ground or fall the tree from the base if possible.

Corrective Pruning

Early in a tree’s life it is important to prune to encourage a dominate main-stem leader. This service also would include removal of diseased, rubbing and broken limbs. Every leaf is a source of food for the tree, so we always try to keep our wounds as small as possible while still meeting the needs of the tree and homeowners.

Lightning Protection

Damage from lightning is common and occurs while the strike is finding a path to the ground. It can travel through a tree and even jump to a nearby structure causing damage to both the tree and property. Installation of a lightning protection system will give a strike a safe path to the ground in order to prevent damage.

Dead Wooding

The removal of dead limbs from a tree. We recommend removal of any dead limb that is 2-3" and larger at the base as well as broken or hanging limbs in the tree.

Clearance Pruning

We suggest 10 feet of vertical clearance from your roof. Also, no branch should be touching the side of your home or business. It's also recommended to have 10 to 12 feet of clearance from the ground to allow for easy travel under the tree.

Stump Grinding

The purpose of stump grinding is preventing regrowth, so proper technique is vital. If not properly done, surface roots can be missed and proper root separation may not be achieved. With stump grinding, it is important to hire an expert who will ensure it’s done properly. To ensure we have not missed any of the stump’s removal, JTS’ crew will clean up all our grindings

Cable & Bracing

When a tree needs support and corrective pruning is not an option, bracing and cabling is used. These services can help prevent future failures and protect the owner from a catastrophic failure.


Don't really know what you need? Or want to ask questions face to face? Request an Arborist consultation and an ISA Arborist will walk your property with you to make prioritized suggestions on needed work.

Crown Reduction

Most of the time reducing the crown of a tree is harmful but sometimes there is no other option. In these situations, we are able to prune the tree to reduce the stress. This is NOT topping! Topping has been proven to be a devastating pruning technique for both the tree and home owner.

Plant Health Care

Joseph Tree's IPM program is based on 6 principles.

Acceptable Pest Levels

Emphasis is on control NOT eradication.


Preventative Cultural Practices

Maintaining healthy plants through proper pruning, fertilization, soil improvement, watering and other nutrient needs.



Regular inspection and record keeping is critically important in developing a properly Integrated Action Plan (IAP). Our technology allows us to do this faster and more effectively than anyone else.


Mechanical Controls

Should a pest reach unacceptable levels, mechanical controls, such as hand picking, will be the first option.


Biological Controls

Natural biological processes and materials can provide control, with acceptable environmental impact, and often at lower cost. The main approach is to promote beneficial insects that eat or parasitize target pests.


Responsible Chemical Use

Used as a last resort and only to get control, not eradication. Should not normally be repeated and only after careful inspection. Valuable insects such as ladybugs, spiders and bees must be carefully considered prior to any pesticide use.

Benefits of a Plant Health Care Program

Our program is based on the best practices of the industry according to ANSI 300 standard and ISA Guidelines. We do not broadcast spray year after year to save our customers money and protect the environment. Treatment action plans are determined through careful inspection and analysis of all available information.

Proactive vs. Reactive Tree Care
Proactive tree care provides long term health and growth for your trees.
Duration : 2:08
Plant Health Care

We will make an onsite visit and develop a personalized plan that is best for your needs as well as your trees and shrubs.

Integrated Pest Management

(IPM) Is a comprehensive plan to reduce pest populations in your landscape. Our goal is to do what's best for you, your landscape and the environment.

Disease Prevention & Control

Utilizing the latest knowledge and techniques, Joseph Tree will develop a plan to help prevent disease and if needed control or eliminate that disease.


Proper fertilization is vital to any PHC program. Fertilization ensures that trees and shrubs receive the nutrients they need in order to live long, healthy lives.

Nutrient Deficiency Programs

Wondering why your oak tree looks yellowish? Well, it is lacking iron! We can help with this nutrient deficiency along with many others that can affect your trees.

Root Care

Healthy roots equal a healthy plant. Our certified arborists can examine your plant's roots to identify the need for a root zone invigoration, a root collar excavation or girdling root.


Don't really know what you need? Or want to ask questions face to face? Request an Arborist consultation and an ISA Arborist will walk your property with you to make prioritized suggestions on needed work.

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