Tree Service for Commercial Properties in Columbus, OH

Are you a property manager in Columbus, Ohio looking to save money on tree care costs? Joseph Tree offers commercial tree care plans that maximize efficiencies and make budget planning easier. Our flexible treatment plans allow you to focus your time and energy on other aspects of your job. Let our certified arborists take tree care off your to-do list for good!

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Our Tree Care Plans

Basic Care Plans
  • Basic tree care for a fixed annual or monthly cost
  • Foliar and soil testing with one round of the Soil Health - Vital Blend, which incorporates 100% natural and organic biochar and humates
  • Clearance pruning from buildings and crown raising off sidewalks, roads and parking lots
  • 3 site inspections by a certified arborist per year
Complete Care Plan
  • Complete tree care for a fixed annual or monthly cost
  • Includes all necessary plant healthcare treatments, interventions, inspections and emergency response
  • Guaranteed replacement for any tree that dies under our care
  • Discount tree replacement and installation of new specimens
  • Customized tree care plans
  • 3 site inspections by a certified arborist per year

Care Plan Benefits

  • Tree Care Industry Association accredited company
  • Certified Tree Safety Professionals on staff
  • ISA Certified Master Arborist on staff
  • ISA Certified Arborist on every crew
  • Active members: BOMA, CAA, CAI, and Columbus Chamber of Commerce
  • Founder of Columbus Area Vendor Alliance (CAVA)
  • Line clearance certified, aerial rescue, tree risk assessment qualified (TRAQ)
  • Serving Central Ohio for the last 15 years
  • Inventory of all trees on your property so you can easily keep track of them in your customized client portal.
  • Work history updated in real time on itemized work orders
  • Leveraging technology to manage your urban forest
  • Personal arborist assigned to your property
  • Simplified budget planning with fixed costs
  • Take advantage of cost savings through proactive care
Proactive vs. Reactive Tree Care
Proactive tree care provides long term health and growth for your trees.
Duration : 2:08
Plant Health Care

We will make an onsite visit and develop a personalized plan that is best for your needs as well as your trees and shrubs.

Integrated Pest Management

(IPM) Is a comprehensive plan to reduce pest populations in your landscape. Our goal is to do what's best for you, your landscape and the environment.

Disease Prevention & Control

Utilizing the latest knowledge and techniques, Joseph Tree will develop a plan to help prevent disease and if needed control or eliminate that disease.


Proper fertilization is vital to any PHC program. Fertilization ensures that trees and shrubs receive the nutrients they need in order to live long, healthy lives.

Nutrient Deficiency Programs

Wondering why your oak tree looks yellowish? Well, it is lacking iron! We can help with this nutrient deficiency along with many others that can affect your trees.

Root Care

Healthy roots equal a healthy plant. Our certified arborists can examine your plant's roots to identify the need for a root zone invigoration, a root collar excavation or girdling root.


Don't really know what you need? Or want to ask questions face to face? Request an Arborist consultation and an ISA Arborist will walk your property with you to make prioritized suggestions on needed work.

Benefits of a commercial tree care program



Joseph Tree can inspect and treat the trees on your commercial property to help keep your property free of preventable hazards. Utilizing a certified Joseph Tree arborist will keep you out of court if an accident did occur.


Joseph Tree catalogs all of your trees. If an issue does develop, you will have access to your tree inventory. This will help streamline the process of getting your issue resolved.


Joseph Tree’s commercial tree care plan saves you money by allowing you to purchase tree care services in bulk. You’ll spend considerably more if you wait until issues develop with your trees.
Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Joseph Tree can develop treatment plans to fit your budget. Treatment plans vary from 1 to 5 years. Our flexible treatment plans allow you to focus your time and energy on other aspects of your job. Don't worry about your trees, we've got this!
Commercial Tree Care
Learn how our commercial tree care saves property owners time, money, and tears.
Duration : 1:48
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